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Level Assessment Test

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Level Assessment Test

The following question are designed to help you find your level. We ask you various questions to test your knowledge of the piano. Depending on your score we will rate you Novice Level, Basic Level. Advanced Beginner, Proficient Level.

A “Novice Level Player” knows very little about the most basic piano concepts. The notes on the piano, chord names and scales. Even if you can play a few songs, without command of the basic piano concepts, we consider you a novice. Novice Level Musician’s will score below 65% on this test.

A “Basic Level Musician” has basic command of the basics. The basic player can play a few scales by memory but not all. Also a basic level player knows some basic Major and Minor Chords but doesn’t have full mastery of these basic concepts. Basic Level Musician’s will score 65% and above on this test.

An “Advanced Beginner” has mastery of Major Scales and understands how to use them to play by progressions. The advanced beginner suffers from mastery of style and chords to add the special sound they are wanting to play. The advanced beginner plays songs but at a beginner level with basic chords. Advanced Beginner Level musicians will score a 80% and above on this test.

The “Proficient Level” has mastery of chords, progressions and scales in all keys. Proficient musicians need help only in the “expression” phase of musicianship. Proficient Level musician’s will score 90% and above on this test