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Our Story

I’ve loved music since 1988

In 1988, I was in the 5th grade. Every year the sixth grade band would come to my elementary school recruit new band members. The band led by Ronald Davenport would come to the school to play in front of the students graduating to middle school.

As I watched those instruments being played by the band I had the biggest sense of purpose. I knew I was suppose to play music. It was a defining moment for me because something on the inside drew me to music.

I was very athletic. I could play any sport I chose. When I was in school you couldn’t play in the band and sports because the schedules conflicted. I constantly had to choose. Throughout the years I quit band multiple times to play sports but I always regretted it.

In the 90’s, I quit and came back to the band. My band director Bob Taylor told me that if I quit again I could come back to the band. He also told me that I wouldn’t always be able to run like the wind but I would always be able to pick up my instrument and play it.

Music Ministry Since 1999

One day after visiting a church with my friend Ricardo Davis, I felt that same conviction and sense of purpose. As I saw the musicians playing in church I felt the strong call to action. Oddly enough, as I saw the musicians playing during worship I even felt guilt as though it was suppose to be me playing the instruments.

I went to the pastor and told him that “I couldn’t play Mary had a little lamb but I knew I was suppose to be playing piano in the Lord”. That was the day I started my music ministry journey at 19 years old.

While trying to learn music at church I had much criticism, many evil looks and much frustration but my call helped me endure. It’s because of my many struggles and feelings of loneliness that I desire to help anyone struggling to play the piano, keyboard or organ.

How We Can Help You

Our website was created because of the the struggles we face as church musicians. We are asked to play songs above our skill. We are asked to operate in excellence without being offered the training needed to get to a level of excellence. We are burdened with music as church musicians but the creator of this website understands.

He is currently a Pastor, a church planter and a still operates as a musician. With over 20 year as a musician, he has much experience with the same struggles you face. Pastor Casper has a great plan to help you overcome your struggles and grow into the musician God is calling you to be.

Our roadmaps will help practice with purpose. We’ve created different courses and different plans to help musicians. Are you a musician that is just starting? We have a roadmap for you. Are you a musician that can play by ear but you don’t know what chords you are playing? We have a roadmap for you too.

Regardless of your current skill and your current knowledge we have a course of action that will help you Preach And Play.

Start Getting The Knowledge You Need To Play Piano, Keyboard & Organ