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12 Key Challenges

This videos will explain the progression then allow you to continue to the next step to play along with the progressi…

Ableton 11 Training

This course will introduce you to Ableton 11 and it’s features. Purchase this course to learn how to use Ableton Liv…

Ableton Live 10 Training

Learn the best software on the market for live performance. Learn Ableton Live here.

Beginner's Chord Theory

Beginner’s & self taught musicians…. Let’s learn chord names and chord types.


Learn chord progressions in any key you choose. Beginner Level Course.


This course is all about scales. Learn Major, Minor, Blues and more types of scales.

Service Playing Course

This course will equip beginner’s to play shout music & preacher chords

The Musicians Practice Plan

This course explains chords and styles within our book, “The Musicians Practice Plan”.

Worship Preparation

This course is all about songs tutorials. Use this course to learn songs quickly.