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This course was created to complement our book entitled, “The Musicians Practice Plan”. This book details a style based practice plan for musicians. We created a style based plan because not every musician needs to learn to play every style of worship. Most musicians never play more than two or three genres of church worship. This book will help any musician to improve their musicianship because we explain popular styles of worship music.

This course is provided free of charge for people that have already purchased our book entitled, “The Musicians Practice Plan”. If you purchased the book on Amazon you too can get free access to this course. Simply reach our to use via text or email to inform us of your purchase and we will give you access to this course.

If you haven’t purchased the book, we will ship you a copy when you purchase this course. The book is $25 on Amazon so we charge the same price to get access to this course if you haven’t purchased the book yet. Upon your purchase of this course, we will mail you the book or send you a download. The choice is yours.

You need the musicians practice plan book to use this course.  Upon purchasing this course, we will mail you a hard copy of this book.  If you prefer a downloadable copy of the book we can email you a copy of the book.